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After registration, and when your SkillsBuild course is available, you will receive a notification email with a step-by-step guide on how to get started. In some cases, access can take up to 7 business days.

In addition, you may be required to register on additional learning platforms to access learning and training materials offered by our partners. If possible, please use the same email ID that you have registered with us.

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About SkillsBuild

Welcome to the Royal Alberta College’s Skills Build Project. We are proud to have an opportunity to provide Canadians with a chance to receive micro-credential training from anywhere in Canada.

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The History

The Skills Build Project was initiated in 2017 when a post-secondary educator led outreach within various communities, including the Indigenous communities of Maskwacis and Enoch Cree Nation. The educator created partnerships within the community and led small cohorts of residents within sharing circles exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and helping others build new skills for the betterment of their communities. The process has empowered individuals to become leaders within their communities.

Since the first iteration of Project Skills Build in 2017, the project has had many different approaches and has continued to evolve as a free and open process for Canadians, newcomers and refugees throughout the country, allowing people an opportunity to gain and build new skills to overcome adversity and barriers. 

In 2022, with assistance from our industry partners (not-for-profit, private and government), Allowed us to implement this free and open concept and successfully launch Project Skills Build, an online project to enable opportunities for Canadians to build (gain) new skills that will benefit them to obtain new employment opportunities by providing self-paced learning online within a variety of fields. 

Why choose Royal Alberta College?

The Royal Alberta Colleges’ SkillsBuild project will provide fair and equitable learning opportunities at no cost through the application of an already proven system provided globally.

Project SkillsBuild will help all Canadians from varied skill levels improve their foundational and transferable skills to better prepare for, obtain an opportunity to become employed, retain employment, pivot when required to enable them to succeed at work.

This program is ideal for those individuals who have multiple responsibilities and can not take time off to attend an in-class environment and wish to learn within a self-paced environment.

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