Referral Program

We understand that like-minded people tend to have similar tastes, this is why the Royal Alberta College is offering its enrolled students and alumni an opportunity to use their marketing skills and promote what they like about the school and earn a 500$ Cash Card, with no limits of referrals.


|||||Rules & Terms and Conditions|||||

1.) All students that have been accepted at The Royal Alberta College have been assigned a Student ID number for the context of these terms and conditions, these individuals are known as the “referrer” and shall be the “referring person” whom provides the “referrals”

By receiving a valid student ID number, the student has been entitled to voluntarily participate in the refer a student program (the “Referral Program”).

To participate in the Referral Program, the referrer will need to refer friends (“Friends”) who have never enrolled at the Royal Alberta College.

This formal process will require the referrer to place their information into their Friends application, this information will be limited to the following:

  1. Full Name of the referrer
  2. The referrer’s student ID number
  3. The referrers Canadian phone number

The above information MUST be entered on the hardcopy and/or within the online application form at the BEGINNING of the application process. IT CAN NOT BE ADDED AFTER THE SUBMISSION PROCESS HAS STARTED BY THE APPLICANT.

2.)  The referrer will earn Credit Payment,(“Referral Credit”)  this credit will be provided in the form of a cash credit card, in the amount we determined from time to time once your Friend (“Referred User”) has completed an eligible referral  (“Eligible Referral”). a.) Criteria for Eligible Referral: i.) The person that received the referral from the referrer has enrolled as a full-time student, ii.) paid all fees, iii.) has attended the Royal Alberta College for one term. b.) The amounts that the referral is eligible for is determined in our sole discretion from time to time.

3.) Credit will be rendered to the referrer after the criteria set forth above has been completed and will be issued only once by i.) electronic wire transfer that is suitable to the Royal Alberta College, ii.) registered mail or iii.) in-person. Any fees that are incurred to send the credit shall be deducted from the amount that is to be credited, any costs that are incurred will be detailed by a formal receipt

4.) Expiration of Referral Credits: Referral Credits are subject to expiration, and will expire 45 days after the referral has completed their first term and the terms set forth in paragraph 2. Credits that have not been claimed will be placed into a general fund for administration purposes.The amount of Referral Credits earned and redeemed are subject to change at any time at The Royal Alberta College’s discretion.

5.) The Referrer information may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. You may share the information required to be eligible to receive a referral fee within your personal connections via social media, email, or word of mouth, where you are the primary content owner. In cases where you are not the primary owner of the content or website (e.g., Wikipedia, coupon websites, affiliate websites, discussion forums, etc.), public distribution is not allowed. Promoting or advertising your Referral information via search engine marketing or any other paid advertising media (e.g., Bing/Yahoo/Adwords) is not allowed.

You are not allowed to misrepresent your relationship with any members of the Royal Alberta College to any third parties, and you will not make any warranty or representation on behalf of any members of the Royal Alberta College. You are not allowed to refer yourself for the purposes of earning Referral Credit.

6.) The Royal Alberta College reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revoke the Referral Credits of any referrer or referral who it finds or believes to be earning or using Referral Credits against these Terms of Service, or who is manipulating or abusing the intent of this promotion.

7.)    For greater certainty, we reserve the right, at any time and in our sole discretion, to add to or amend these Terms of Service in relation to the use of Referral Program or to vary or terminate the operation of a Referral Credit issued pursuant to the Referral Program at any time without notice.