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Getting Started

Learners can use the “Enroll Free Now” navigation bar button to browse our courses. Once you have selected a course you will be prompted to add it to your cart and complete checking it out. Afterwards, learners will be sent a Prescreening form to their emails, where once they complete it, will be sent out the links to their course.

Your course start date is dependent on a couple of factors.

  • If the course is Udemy based or not. 
  • The speed at which a learner enrolls for skillsbuild. 
  • How fast our third-party provider gives access to our learners. 

Cost & Payment

All of the courses listed on the Skills Build page are 100% FREE.

Access to learn General Level 1 Insurance and the Blue Seal Program have fees, the amounts are listed on each of the pages.

Our certificates are 100% free and will be provided through email. 

Course & Program Certificates

Learners will receive  a certificate at the completion of their online courses. Once their course progress status is set to “Completed”, learners will be sent a certificate of completion. 

Learners will recieve their certificated from anywhere between 1 day – 1 week after they have completed their courses.

 Learners who have been accepted into the  RAC x Grow with Google can either opt-in to purchase a certificate from  Google for $15 USD after the completion of their course or can request a certificate from our institution by emailing with their request along with a screenshot of their completed course. 

Problem with your Order

There’s a multitude of reasons why a learner would not receive full access to their course some of them include:

  • Not completing a prescreening form.
  • Not enrolling for IBM’s Skillsbuild.
  • Using multiple emails for the signup process
  • Using the wrong/invalid email during registration. 

For the vast majority of cases, the reason why a learner has not received full access to Udemy is usually because of three specific reasons. 

  • They have not completed a course prescreening
  • They have not  signed up for Skillsbuild using the link in their email.
  • They have signed up for Skillsbuild, but not with our specific Skillsbuild link.


If this is the case, please complete the prescreening form or register for Skillsbuild. If you have registered for skillsbuild and still have not recieved access please email support

How to register for SkillsBuild

Skillsbuild Office Hours

Monday – Friday 0900 – 16:30 hrs Mountain Standard Time


Phone (Canada)+1-587-254-3129

Please reference your full name in the subject line, and include your phone number within your email body.

*Staff will be checking emails throughout the day and replying to inquiries within 2 business days. Please note, that admissions for international students are on HOLD.

The Royal Alberta College does NOT use outside recruiters

Office Of The Registrar

The Office of The Registrar is held by Prof. Parminder Singh, any questions pertaining to policies, admissions, or tuition should be addressed to The Office of The Registrar. The Registrar’s Office is a web-based (online) office and can be reached by email at To learn more about the Registrar please visit his LinkedIn page.

In-class learning

SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Disrupted traditional learning for everyone. To protect our learners, staff and volunteers, The Royal Alberta College pivoted to become a virtual (synchronous) and asynchronous training entity (this is our primary delivery method now). 

When in-class learning is required, classes will be offered with our public partners, including the Orange Hub located at:

The Royal Alberta College, 10045 156 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5P 2P7 and at other government entities.

Orange Hub
Orange Hub

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