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Take the time to view a recorded seminar based on topics that have been deemed of interest by Gen Z students.

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Together with Free Learn Canada, we aim to empower young Canadians by providing free, online, and self-paced courses designed to equip them with the essential skills demanded in today’s dynamic labour market.

What makes these courses truly unique? A selection of them have been created by fellow members of Gen Z.

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The Project's Objective

  • The Gen-Z project will provide an opportunity for individuals that are considering post-secondary education (PSE). The project will allow participants to gain knowledge and become better prepared for their scholastic pursuits. The project is intended to share lived experiences and concerns of individuals that have attended, or are considering attending PSE. Gen Z’s have highlighted a variety of topics of interest, resulting in hosted seminars presented by subject matter experts (SMEs). Seminars will provide multiple opportunities to Gen Z participants to learn about a diversity of topics. The seminars provide an open, welcoming and safe environment to empower youth with the tools they will require to become successful in their future endeavors.

Informational Seminars

Project “Gen Z” is based on the findings reported by the “Postsecondary Education Participation among Underrepresented and Minority Groups Report by The Government of Canada Published by authority of the Minister responsible for Statistics Canada Minister of Industry, 2011” Whereby the conclusion states the following, in summary: [...The analysis shows that while the size of the overall gaps in postsecondary participation are important, just as important are how the sizes of these gaps change when the various explanatory variables are included in the analysis. The effect of being in a lower-income family for example, decreases significantly as individuals'...
...memberships in the other identified groups are considered (that is, no parental history of postsecondary education, rural residence, and so on), and decreases even further when the various high school and related measures are included. This finding is consistent with the recent literature that finds that family income itself has only a moderate relationship with participation in PSE, once other family and individual characteristics are taken into account. Overall, their findings lead Finnie et al. to conclude that PARENTAL EDUCATION is the single most important determinant of youth participation in postsecondary education. Further research is needed to more fully....
...understand all of the ways in which this influence is transmitted. Some of these mechanisms likely include having a 'culture' of education in the home, while others may more simply reflect a lack of parental exposure to and experience with postsecondary education.…]
In essence, information sharing is of great value for first-and second-generation children of immigrants and other potential PSE learners within a household that will have first-time participates in a Canadian post-secondary institution or any higher learning opportunity.
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  • Take the time to view a recorded seminar based on topics that have been deemed of interest by Gen Z students. Within these series of seminars, you will gain tips on topics like how to manage your mental health, live on a budget, save for post-secondary schooling, and more.

Student Aid

  • As part of our goal with the Gen-Z Project is to provide individuals resources from credible institutions to assist Canadians seeking information to not only attend but afford post-secondary education. Learn more about financial aid resources available to you.

Real Insights from Current
Post-Secondary Students

Gen Z Report

The following is a report detailing the methods, techniques and findings related to the Gen Z project as of the project end date July 31st 2023. 

Informational Seminars

Take the time to view a recorded seminar based on topics that have been deemed of interest by Gen Z students.

Within these series of seminars, you will gain tips on how to live on a budget, save for post-secondary schooling.

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