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  • Welcome to our webinar series designed specifically for Gen Z! In our recorded seminars, you will gain valuable insights and tips on a range of important topics. From managing your mental health and well-being, to budgeting, and applying for post-secondary education, we’ve got you covered. Our expert speakers will share their knowledge and experience on how to navigate the various challenges that come with applying to and studying in post-secondary institutions, as well as tips and tricks for preparing for and succeeding in the job application process. Join us for our informative and engaging webinar series and take the first step towards achieving your goals and reaching your full potential!

Managing Anxiety with Kayla Chorley

Mental health supports and access to professionals is not always possible for many. We here at Royal Alberta College hope to help fill this gap. If you are looking to understand what anxiety is? Symptoms and risks of anxiety? Or wondered why you possibly avoided things due to that little voice in your head? Well that is all part of the anxiety cycle, and Kayla Chorley, a registered counseling therapist and founder of Pineapple Therapy, answers all these questions in our Managing Anxiety video series. Not only does she break down what anxiety is, how it is connected to avoidance, how to recognize it but she also connects anxiety to perfectionism and ultimately provides multiple strategies to help you cope. The Managing Anxiety video series provide you access, free of charge, to a registered therapist and provides information on not just anxiety but also emotional regulation, mindfulness and much more!

Post Secondary Application with Suzanna Martin

Are you finding it difficult to figure out all that you need to know to apply to post-secondary institutions? Do you wish you knew someone to help you in the process? Well Suzy Martin is here to help in her sessions on applying to post-secondary. Suzy has over a decade of experience aiding young adults who are navigating the post-secondary application process, as a career consultant. Before you can apply, you need to know what you want to do and Suzy shares a variety of resources to help you narrow down the multitude of options you have. Within her sessions you can also get advice regarding what is needed before you can apply. For example, did you know some institutions care if you have taken a course multiple times, or have a competitive application process? Some require references, volunteer experience and more. If you have everything you need, and now know where you are going, Suzy can provide advice regarding the application process itself. If you’re all set, Suzy discusses how to calculate the actual cost of attending and provides advice on loans, scholarships and bursaries. She provides advice on what to do during that anxious time of waiting to hear back. Suzy’s sessions are designed to help anyone at any point of the application process, her knowledge, wisdom and advice are all here for you free of charge!

Crunch time: Managing your time as a student with Idy Ekpe

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to juggle a full course load, keep a part-time job, participate in extracurricular activities and make time for family, friends and hobbies? Well, it’s certainly not easy, but it can be done. We understand how overwhelming it can be to split your time between all of these (and more); so, we are here to shine light on how a past student was able to implement strategies to achieve this delicate balance via Crunch time: Managing your time as a student. Idy Ekpe has that experience under her belt, she pursued 2 post-secondary degrees while participating in social groups and carrying out her other responsibilities. She shares how time management helped her to succeed and how she realized it was essential in her postsecondary journey, and beyond. She highlights how anyone can become well versed in this skill, no matter their starting point.


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