“Enabling equal access to affordable, high-quality, accessible education to all Canadians without barriers."

The Alberta Licensee has gathered a group of highly skilled individuals that will guide the College on a volunteer basis. The Board’s priority is to enable the mandate of the College, “Enabling equal access to affordable, high-quality, accessible education to all Canadians without barriers.”

These volunteers are termed as Governors and will provide their recommendations to the College, the president, admission and other staff on an as needed basis for the best interest for the College and its learners

These volunteers assure that the relationships with the institution’s president, The Alberta Licensee and the Government of Alberta (which occurs primarily through the Minister), serve to help the institution fulfill its mandate and obligations within the Alberta Post-Vocational Act (PVA).

Any questions pertaining to policies, admissions, tuition or industry participation should be addressed to The Office of The Registrar. The Registrar’s Office is a web-based (online) office and can be reached by email at Registrar@Alberta.College

Board of Governors


Dr Crowfoot,

Dr. Deb Crowfoot is a part of the bloodline of the renown, and historical peacemaker and warrior Chief Crowfoot (1830 – 25 April 1890) or Isapo-Muxika (Blackfoot Issapóómahksika, “Crow-big-foot”)of the Siksika First Nation [1]. Dr. Crowfoot is the second First Nations Dentist to practice in Canada, and the first within Western Canada. He is one of ten children, whom obtain multiple degrees and many notable accomplishments. The family and him are featured in a formal documentary “The Crowfoot Dynasty” created by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) that is available in public libraries throughout Canada detailing the contributions  and historical legacy of the Crowfoot family in Alberta and across Western Canada.[2] He completed his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University (BYU), in Provo, Utah; Then finished his doctorate degree from one of the top dental schools at that time in the United States, University of Washington. Upon graduation Dr. Crowfoot realised his goal was to protect and care for the oral health of others and increase a persons happiness by enhancing their self-esteem, self-worth and confidence by creating beautiful smiles for those that may not receive any medical attention at all. He undertook this initiative by relocating to Tuscon, Arizona to further his training then returned to Alberta, Canada and opened a clinic on the Siksika Nation Reserve. IN Support of Dr. Crowfoot, the Siksika health centre constructed a state-of-the-art dental clinic,[3] after building smiles in Siksika, Dr. Crowfoot enhanced the dental clinics of three more clinics in Onion lake, Maskwacis and Saddle lake with a total of 10 Dental Clinics on First Nations Lands, becoming Canada’s largest service provider to First Nations in Canada. Dr Crowfoots lives the entrepreneurial spirit, at an early age; while attending dental school he started his own business in painting houses to support his family and costs incurred for his education. Then after graduating and success of his clinics While practicing dentistry at the Maskwacis Health Centre, he started a medical device manufacturing company, not only did he stimulate the local economy by creating employment opportunities, he also provided orthotics for those whom suffer from the side effects from diabetes, neglect, and illness that impair healthy feet. Further to this successful dental career, Dr. Crowfoot is an active businessman, he was one of several investors to bring a professional basketball team the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Energy [4] he is co-funding “Apps for life” a series of free mobile device apps that help the users in understanding their health and well-being, he is the co-chairman of Outgrown My Stuff Dot Com, free online marketplace to buy, sell, trade or giveaway children’s items; and resources, including medical and educational advice from accredited professionals. In his pursuit for educating the future, Dr. Crowfoot sponsors scholarships for non-profit organizations including the Canadian Aboriginal Science & Technology (CAST) and other scholarships that with assist aboriginals in obtain an education within the health industry
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Mr. Balwinder Singh is the first elected Union President of East-Indian decent in North America. He provided more than thirty-seven years of service as President/Business Agent of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 569 for more than 2000 members, and later was a founding member of the Collation of Unions that collectively represented almost all City of Edmonton Union Employees. He has worked with more than nine City of Edmonton Mayors, dozens of City Councils, several City Managers and other City leaders.

As a labour leader he forced changes within laws that allowed many people to become elected into political offices, that otherwise could not have run for office, many of those that did run, won and have reached many other levels of government in Canada.

This experience, combined with more than 40 years of direct experience in applying skills for a fair and amicable solution within mediations, grievances, conflict resolutions, in the fields of labour, health, workers compensation and education will benefit all invested parties within the college.

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Balwinder Singh, Co-Chair

Jennifer Carol

Jennifer Carol, B.Ed.

Mrs. Jennifer Carol is worked for the family business that was established by her grandfather, Western Educational Activities Ltd., this family operated business provided support to the School Boards’, teachers, parents and many students within Edmonton and in Alberta. Jennifer then carried the Wacowich name for another generation by teaching in the Edmonton Catholic School Board as a Kindergarten teacher.

Jennifer attended University in the United States, at the Oldest Degree-granting institution in Memphis Tennessee on a full Athletic Scholarship and won a NCAA GOLD Medal in Women’s Soccer. After graduating magna cum laude “with high honors” from Christian Brothers University, in Memphis Tennessee; Jennifer taught grade four within the inner city of Memphis, TN at Snowden School.

In Canada, Jennifer has taught within the Edmonton Catholic School Board for 12 years as an elementary school teacher, teaching kindergarten for Blessed Kateri, Grade One for St. Gerard, Reading Specialist for St. Vladimir, and Grade One and Reading Specialist for St. Mattews. Previous to those positions she taught at Falcon Ridge Elementary School for the Calgary School Board and was a substitute teacher.

She has also worked as a certified personal trainer and  coached many groups of children in the sport of soccer.

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Dr. Monica Chahal is a highly skilled educator with more than 10 years of experience within teaching in post-secondary, and secondary education institutions, research and studies and more than 10 years of experience in teaching grades 7  to 12. 

Dr. Chahal has worked in many diverse and marginalized communities including at Westminster City School, in London, England and taught within the Edmonton Public School Board and has contributed to many committees and papers that include topics within equity, inclusion, diversity, multi-culturalism and anti-racism.  Dr. Monica Chahal is an Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education – University of Alberta Editor, and contributes to the Alberta Science Education Journal (Alberta Teachers Association) Presently Dr. Chahal is teaching science courses at Edmonton Centre High School.

  • Doctor of Philosophy University of Alberta Curriculum Studies Edmonton, AB.
  • Master of Arts UCL: Institute of Education Policy Studies in Education London, U.K.
  • British Qualification Teacher Status University of Goldsmith London, U.K.
  • Bachelor of Education University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental University of Alberta and Conservation Sciences Edmonton, AB
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Dr. Monica Chahal


LT. Vikesh Malhi P.Eng

Mr. Malhi is an active member of the Canadian Forces as an Intelligence Officer. Mr. Malhi is an accredited member of The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA); graduating from York University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Geomatics Engineering and then completed a Degree in Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from the Royal Military College of Canada/Collège Militaire royal du Canada. He was a Project Manager (Geomatics) with Stantec while serving our country as a reservist in the Canadian Forces for the past 11 years and is a happily married and proud father of two school-age children. Mr. Malhi is actively involved in the community and at church, always lending a hand to those in need.

William “Bill” Countryman was appointed to the board of governors in 2019 he brings forth so many great qualities.  Mr. Countryman is an understanding, compassionate and approachable person who exemplifies a great work ethic.

When Mr. Countryman was a young teenager, he started the path to take his passion for Golf to become a formal career; at the age of thirteen, he started the long process to become a Golf Professional at the prestigious Highlands Golf Club in Edmonton; and then graduated from Grant MacEwan College with a Diploma and Certificate of Achievement.

Mr. Countryman shifted his career, (yet will always continue to participate in golf) and serves as a Detective within the Edmonton Police service, and has been active for sixteen years.

This multi-faceted and demanding job has allowed Bill to build many rewarding professional relationships across the law enforcement community in Edmonton, Province of Alberta and across North America.

In addition to his work, Bill volunteers his time as a community league board of directors and is responsible for the sports programs in the community, which include Soccer and Baseball. In addition to this role to his community, Bill also serves as a director with the local soccer (football) association and is an active coach and volunteer with his children’s soccer teams, which is a year-round commitment. When Bill does have free time he enjoys camping, golf, downhill skiing, and travelling with his family

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Bill Countryman

DET. W. Countryman

Khalid Rahal, CGA, CPA

Mr. Rahal brings over a decade of experience as a Charted Accountant and has extensive experience working as a Tax Auditor for the Canada Revenue Agency and now is a partner at a firm that assists not-for-profits, small, medium and large businesses (JR & Company LLP). 

He is an avid soccer fan, and spends his free time volunteering in the community and helping raise his young family. 

Mr. Rahal will assist the school on the delivery of programs to help marginalized communities and assuring that courses that are offered are financial sustainable. 

The Office of The Registrar is held by Prof. Parminder Singh, any questions pertaining to policies, admissions, or tuition should be addressed to The Office of The Registrar. The Registrar’s Office is a web based (online) office and can be reached by email: perry@alberta.college. To learn more about the Registrar please visit his LinkedIn page.

Prof. Perry Chahal

Digital Transformation Team

drawing of man in blue tee

Dan Poon

System Integration
illustration of woman with dark hair

Maryanne Henderson

Sr. Technical Advisor, Curriculum Designer
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Mark Seto

Digital Resource Manager/Site Advisor
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Murry Rice


Future Leaders Program - The Disruptors

The Royal Alberta College has partnered with The Government of Canada (GOC) to employ youth between the ages of 15 and 30 years of age through the Canada Summer Jobs Program.  The individuals within this team have been selected from more than 170 qualified applicants from across Canada and will be under the leadership from the Office of The Registrar to lead the transformation of our resources to be fully online, these individuals are disrupters and strive to make a positive impact for all Canadians.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisors

The RAC’s Department of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) mission is to enable an open, equal and free society by making education affordable and accessible. The department of EDI is led by a core group of volunteers that are community leaders, they provide RAC with perspectives on how to enhance opportunities for those that represent marginalized groups; including individuals from lower socioeconomic brackets, LGBTQ2+, Canadians that identify as Black, Indigenous or as a Person of Colour [BIPOC], Newcomers, Refugees, Women, racialized and any other underserved community that requires support.

Kassim Khimji

Kassim offers the RAC and the department with many invaluable perspectives. He is a coach and agent to professional athletes.

drawing of woman in purple shirt

Jaya Panwar, MBA

Ms. Panwar is the former general manager of Telus for Edmonton and now represents the company as a senior VP. She understand the value of diversity and creating opportunity and is working with the RAC to create industry led projects.

Pius Ishiekwene

Kondeh Mansary BA

Mr. Mansary is the founder of BTB Academy and the Co-founder of Right 2 succeed. 

Grant Application Team

illustration of man in green shirt with beard

Ted Neylor, PHD

Dr. Matt Cromier

Assistant Lecturer, Department of English and Film Studies Communications and Research Officer, Canadian Literature Centre University of Alberta Treaty 6/Métis Territory.