The Royal Alberta College (hereinafter shall be referred to as “the college” and/or as “college” and/or The “Royal Alberta College”)

Here you will find the policies that govern the administration, academics and students within The Royal Alberta College, these policies have been formulated to assure a fair and bonafide academic environment will be present and consistent for students to achieve their educational outcomes.

The College follows the rules and regulations as outlined by the Government of Alberta Post- Vocational Act (PVA) and are deemed to be in compliance with the Alberta Designation Requirements (ADR).

The stated policies in this section are governed by the college in an independent manner.

The Alberta Licensee in conjunction with The Office of The Registrar shall be the responsible agents for all aspects pertaining to the maintenance, upkeep and enforcement of the aforementioned policies.

The Office of The Registrar is a web based online office and can be reached by email at Registrar@Alberta.College for any questions on the policies named herein.

The following rules, regulations and policies are listed within the policies handbook in Google Docs .

  1. 1.) Academic Integrity Policy
  2. 2.) Admissions Policy
  3. 3.) Assessment and Payment of Tuition & Fees Policy
  4. 4.) Co-operative Education Policy
  5. 5.) Harassment Policy
  6. 6.) International Students Payments, and Student Fees Policy
  7. 7.) Management of Student Records and Information Policy
  8. 8.) Protection of Minors Policy
  9. 9.) Records Destruction Policy
  10. 10.) Records Management Policy
  11. 11.) Refunds of Tuition and Student Fees
  12. 12.) Security Clearance Policy
  13. 13.) Student Appeal Policy
  14. 14.) Students with Different Abilities Policy
  15. 15.) Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy
  16. 16.) Student Holiday Policy
  17. 17.) Personal Information for Academic or Statistical Research Policy
  18. 18.) Work Integrated Learning Policy
  19. 19.) Academic Warning And Probation Policy
  20. 20.) Student Absent Deceleration (Short Term)
  21. 21.) Government of Canada Bill- C35.