After registration, and when your SkillsBuild course is available, you will receive a notification email with a step-by-step guide on how to get started. In some cases, access can take up to 7 business days.

In addition, you may be required to register on additional learning platforms to access learning and training materials offered by our partners. If possible, please use the same email ID that you have registered with us.

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About SkillsBuild

Welcome to the Royal Alberta College’s SkillsBuild Project. We are proud to have an opportunity to provide Canadians with an opportunity to receive micro-credential training from anywhere in Canada.

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How to register for SkillsBuild

Why choose Royal Alberta College?

The Royal Alberta Colleges’ SkillsBuild project will provide fair and equitable learning opportunities at no cost through the application of an already proven system provided globally.

Project SkillsBuild will help all Canadians from varied skill levels improve their foundational and transferable skills to better prepare for, obtain an opportunity to become employed, retain employment, pivot when required to enable them to succeed at work.

This program is ideal for those individuals who have multiple responsibilities and can not take time off to attend an in-class environment and wish to learn within a self-paced environment.

Student Experiences

Investments in oneself are always a wise decision. I wanted to try out a new field and Skillsbuild was the perfect stepping stone towards that. They provide lots of classes in an array of topics and industries. I now have a deep understanding of social media marketing and how it works, which has opened up so many new opportunities for me.
I really loved the business communications course. I had taken some business courses in college but none of them were very useful in the work place. The Skillsbuild course was different, though - it helped me improve my written business communication skills and allowed me to explore new positions that I might not have been qualified for before. Overall, it was a great investment!
I'm a recent graduate, and I had been looking for ways to enter the field of data science. I came across Skillsbuild and after researching their course, I enrolled in it because it was praised as one of the most effective programs available. This class has allowed me to successfully enter the field with an advanced skill set that is appealing to employers.

Student Experiences