The Royal Alberta College and IBM – Introduction to Cloud Computing


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Cloud technology stores data and programs through the internet rather than on computer hard drives. Through this pathway’s learning activities, you’ll gain an understanding of cloud computing and develop an interest in various career paths.

You will learn:

  • What cloud computing technology
  • Why businesses are adopting the cloud
  • The language behind cloud computing types and deployment models
  • Home and business applications of cloud computing technology
  • Job roles and careers available in the cloud environment
  • History and evolution of the cloud
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage, persistent storage, dynamic provisioning
  • Cloud providers
  • The lifecycle of a cloud computing solution
  • Cloud computing with AWS
  • A Demo of AWS EC2 and AWS S3
  • Adopt DevSecOps practices, technologies, and toolchain
  • Realize the business benefits of DevSecOps
  • Overview of cloud computing and storage 
  • A foundational understanding of IBM Watson and IBM Cloud
  • How to manage data in IBM Cloud
  • Introduction to blockchain technology
  • IBMs Cloud managed database options, specifically those regarding SQL, NoSQL databases, and the benefits of Database as a Service (DBaaS)
  • Essential concepts in Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing

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