The Royal Alberta College

Academic and Social Clubs

The Royal Alberta College strives to assure that our students have a balance of social and academic enrichment. This balance has been created for a meaningful educational outcome.

As an educational institution, we are aware of the different teaching styles taught throughout the world, and the learning environment where our students have been taught can be very different from that of a North American education system. Our educators have taught throughout the world and in Canada, therefore, bring a component of successful methodologies with the initiative to help our students become successful in their journey in life through academics. This is why the Royal Alberta College incorporates a variety of methods to help our students understand new concepts while bridging already learned concepts. Allowing our students to engage, apply and visualize learned concepts. This is done by creating educational bridges that are built on proven success.

Study Tours

Students will participate in classroom exercises that require them to learn an assortment of new things with different learning outcomes. For example, students could be required to learn the different levels of government in the province of Alberta, whereas the educators would organize a trip to City Hall, the Legislative Assembly where students will learn how a law or bill is created and passed within the bureaucratic and parliamentary systems in Alberta. These tours will also include educational trips to companies that will show how their company is run and functions on a daily basis; allowing the students to observe many aspects including, yet not limited to: Work environment mannerisms, structure, etiquette in the workplace, and many more.

Team Houses

Houses are traditional in many countries throughout the world, and we at the Royal Alberta College believe in this system. These conceptual formal groupings of students allow students to connect with each other over a common theme to complete academic challenges, including yet not limited to: Debates on topics that are selected by the educator, opening a fictional business (capstone) and competing with the other houses and form friendships and share their experiences. The team houses are shuffled through the year and are rewarded for their success.

Student Associations

College is a time when individuals learn how to express their perspectives and debate their opinions. We at the Royal Alberta College wish to allow our students to participate in a study body, this can be done, if the majority of the students enrolled (minimum of 35 students) and make a formal request to the College President, who will decide the if the enrollment allows the creation of an International Students Association (ISA). If it is agreed, then the Royal Alberta College will have a formal Students Association through the formal process of voting. The intention of the ISA is to provide them with the resources for to organize events that are meaningful for the students and help them participate with other associations at other campuses across Alberta.

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