Language Proficiency Testing

Language examinationStandard passing score RAC requirements
Test Of English as Foreign Language computer-based exam (TOEFL iBT) 53-10065-100
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic  5-86-8
Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment 50-7055-75
Cambridge English exams CAE-C,CAE-B,CPE-CCAE-B, CPE-C
Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 7-98-9
The Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELA) 80-9282-92
CanTEST 4.55.5

ABOVE  are the base requirements for language proficiency  and our recommendations based on industry standards, that you will be required to meet::

Each institution has the ability to determine its own academic admission requirements, including setting minimum levels of English language proficiency for entrance requirements. There are no system or program-wide requirements for English language proficiency for post-secondary institutions.

The Ministry expects that institutions will set language requirements at levels that meet accepted industry standards and practices and ensure international students can be successful in their program of study. Therefore the Royal Alberta College elects to undertake several methods to assure that we are accepting high quality of students that are fluent in the needed English skills. 

The Royal Alberta College Board of Governors understand that the cost(s) for language proficiency testing is substantial outside of Canada. These costs are increased further as most schools in Canada have hired agencies that require students to pay them for their language testing services.

The Royal Alberta College does not use recruiters; and we are the only post-secondary institution in Canada to have an admissions centre in India.

We did this for several reasons: Firstly, to allow students and their parents to have a direct dialogue with the college instead of connecting through a recruiter, therefore providing parents and applicants an opportunity to ask questions directly to the admission centre and get a response in a timely manner, whereas other schools do not have this ability to communicate with families of students.

Secondly, the centre in India was opened to help applicants save money in their admissions. Royal Alberta College has implemented another process that will not require prospective students to take language proficiency tests from independent testing facilities in India, that are profited from recruiting agencies. Our system has been created by Alberta Certified Teachers. THIS IS AN ADDITIONAL ASSESSMENT TO AFFIRM THAT THE APPLICANT CAN READ, WRITE AND SPEAK THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE FLUENTLY.  

The Royal Alberta Colleges English Proficiency Assessment options are:

1.) Students that are applying for admission can take any of the proficiency testing as listed above by the Government of Alberta, the applicant will provide their successful completion certificate to the Office of Admissions in India or to the Office of the Registrar in Canada (by email) with the required fees.

To affirm the applicants ability to read, write and speak in English fluently,  the applicant will have a pre-admission interview prior to the formal application process.

This is when an applicant will be interviewed by a local staff member or will have an online interview with an Alberta College Admission Officer from Canada (you will be required to have a WhatsApp or Google Hangouts Account.)

Applicants will be asked specific questions, and then graded on their ability to answer the questions based on their fluency and the usage. (modify)

Lastly, applicants will be asked to complete a handwritten essay, and submit it in person or by email in a pdf format.

The essay will answer the following questions:

  • Explain why you would like to attend The Royal Alberta College,
  • Explain why you selected the program you wish to enroll in,
  • Explain what you know about Edmonton, Alberta.

The following grading criteria will be applied for the essay and interviews: