The Royal Alberta College

The General Insurance Level 1 Training Course
The Royal Alberta College is an Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) approved General Level 1 Insurance Training course provider.

About This Course

The Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) is responsible for the licensing and regulation of insurance agents, brokers, and independent adjusters. AIC has published the Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Broker/Agent Licensing textbook, First Edition 2020. With permission from the AIC the contents from the textbook have been incorporated into this course by the RAC curriculum design staff and all presented materials align with the curriculum design document that has been approved by AIC’s General Insurance Council. The document can be found on the AIC website.

Cost: $375.00

If you have difficulty in paying for this program please speak with the Office of the Registrar, and discuss an education subsidy (Approx. 150.00$ off for those that qualify)

Duration: Self-Paced

The training provided is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the term of your enrollment. You will have 3 months to complete the course.

Steps to enroll

1.) Use the button below to fill out an intake form where you will be evaluated and contacted if accepted or denied entry to the course.

2.) If you are accepted, you will receive an email of acceptance. This email will explain ALL of the steps for accessing learning materials.

3.) Pay the applicable fees and access learning.

**This program is a pre-examination, preparatory training course that is approved by the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) for the Alberta General level 1 Insurance Course.** 

**Important Notice** If you pay for the course before completing the above-aforementioned steps 1 to 3 or without completing steps 1 to 3, then you are paying for access to the information for a learning experience only. You will not receive approval nor be authorized by RAC to write the AIC exam, and no refund will be issued.

More Information

Learning Materials

The learning materials for this course have been created from the most current AIC textbook and are based on the  content and resources that are required for learners to be successful on the Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Broker/Agent Licensing exam. 

Course Length

The course consists of 17 chapters, and each chapter begins with a set of learning objectives. Each chapter includes questions that are in the form of mini case scenarios, narrative questions, multiple choice questions, and a practice final examination. An index and glossary of terms can also be found at the end of this course, and is accessible at any time. This course intends to provide learners with materials that will assist them in preparing for an Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Broker/Agent Licensing exam.

General Insurance Exam

In order to write the government-regulated exam, you must take a course from an approved school, such as the RAC. Through the enrollment process, your information will be entered into the AIC student learner system to affirm that you will be eligible to write the exam after successful completion. Exam schedules and fees are handled directly by AIC. You must register directly with AIC to write the exam independently at your own cost.


Textbooks are an additional cost of $125.00 and are NOT mandatory since the online format is a digital version of the textbook. If you wish to obtain a copy, please email with “Gen Level 1 Textbook Request” in the subject line of the email.**

Alternative Course Pathways

Take some time to explore other programs that have been made available through RAC Industry-led partnerships. The RAC offers short courses and micro-credential certificates in courses including, but not limited to: Marketing, Sales, Public Speaking, Social Media Engagement, Payroll, Book-keeping, Human Resources, Business and Project Management.