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In May 2021, The Royal Alberta College’s Department of Career and Life Skills Training, Professional Development and Entrepreneurial Innovation launched to provide affordable, easily accessible, high-quality industry-led education to anyone that wishes to learn. This program will provide research within the fields of internet deliverability, governance, access and connectivity. This program will provide research (Starting in Fall 202) within the fields of internet infrastructure, deliverability, governance, access and connectivity for learning.

The #FREELEARN mission is to provide learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the challenges of today and prepare them for the changes of tomorrow.

Throughout 2020, The Royal Alberta College (RAC) conducted the following research: “The RAC-ICTR (Intercultural Competency Training Research.” The process included in-depth consultations with more than 110 small, medium and large industry stakeholders across Canada and outside academics. The research determined the following.

"Short-courses and micro-credentials that are created in collaboration between industry and academic institutions (that have a focus on career training) are one of the best methods to prepare learners to be: 1.)  Job-ready, 2.) Enable a learner to achieve further success in their already established career, 3.) Enable a learner to be adaptable to the employers needs, 4.) Enable individuals to pivot into different roles as the economy requires, and 5.) Help individuals acquire the skills to become self-employed or as an entrepreneur”

With the gained insight from the research, and more than 160 years of collective experience in providing educational and career guidance The Office of the Registrar formed relationships with key industry stakeholders, NGOs, and governmental organizations and formed ad-hoc committees consisting of highly skilled professionals representing all stakeholders on a volunteer basis. These committees provided their expertise, identified gaps within various sectors and collaborated to create a solution to fill the needs of their sectors through the delivery  of education, mentorship, job training and guidance in a non-confrontational, culturally sensitive, inclusive and supportive environment, thus creating a foundation of trust for all invested stakeholders while providing training to learners.

All industry-led short courses provided by the RAC have been created with the objective for the learner to gain the needed knowledge without interfering with their current responsibilities and obligations while gaining the needed outcome.

These programs are ideal for learners that are often pressed for time, juggling multiple responsibilities, and are sensitive to “wasted time.” Training provided shall provide an immediate benefit to the learner and be relevant to the task it is intended for. 


Regular price for short-course certificates (micro-credential) range between $500 – $900, whereby after application of subsidies total amounts will be reduced to the amount displayed ($15.00 – $35.00) per certificate. 

What's included

  • Verified Transcript and Diploma
  • Access to learning materials 
  • Tutor / Learning Navigator ( Weekly and monthly live lectures will be hosted by educators and content experts) 
  • School Email ID to access Google learning resources (Workplace) 

How to enroll

-Click the enrollment button

-You will select the short-course micro-credential program that you wish to enroll in.

-You will have to make a payment online, and after payment is received you will be provided with a Royal Alberta College email address, this email address will be your student ID and is required to access your learning materials and for transcripts. 

Important information

  • A school email ID is required to access training
  • Your school email ID is assigned to you for temporary use only
  • You may be required to take a formal test to complete your training
  • All processes that are undertaken to assist you are undertaken by school representatives that volunteer their time. Patience is key. 
  • If you wish to take a learning pathway that is not offered, simply email the Office of the Registrar.
  • If you have any problems, contact the Office of the Registrar by phone, chat or email. 

How to access the online learning channels

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-up for a new account
  3. Enter your assigned SCHOOL email address (your first name + last
  4. Create an account.
  5. You will see the learning pathway, if not, type in “RAC” into the search box and your pathways will appear, and it will include the courses you desire.
  6. If you have any problems, contact the Office of the Registrar by phone, chat or email. 

Current Free-Learn Pathways

The Royal Alberta College is a not-for-profit, volunteer based, industry-led organization that works with stakeholders that wish to enhance opportunities for all Canadians, including those that represent marginalized groups; such as individuals that face financial disparity, Canadians that identify as Black, Indigenous or as a Person of Colour [BIPOC], Newcomers, Refugees, Women, LGBTQ2+, racialized and any other underserved community that requires support. “ .. We work with industry stakeholders that wish to create change from within industry ..” – Dr. Crowfoot, Co-Chair, Board of Governors.       

 #Free-Learn is made available through our volunteer staff and these key industry partners

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