The Royal Alberta College

The Department of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion [EDI] Mandate

The Royal Alberta College (RAC) is an Indigenous backed, volunteer-based, non-partisan, not-for-profit, post-secondary vocational training school. The school was created through the guidance, support and leadership of professionals from various occupations including survivors of residential schools and those that represent marginalized groups. The RAC offers accredited diploma programs, short-course certificates and career and life-skills training.

The RAC’s Department of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion mandate is to enable an open, equal and free society. EDI will focus on aspects that hinder forward movement for a Just Society for all Canadians.  The RAC, in collaboration with partners, will create and implement solutions for the greater good of all Canadians.

The RAC mandate is to create education and training pathways that allow forward progress towards reconciliation by enabling equal access to affordable, accessible, high-quality education to any person that wishes to learn.

The process of enabling education has been created through the RAC’s core group of highly skilled professionals that volunteer their expertise to create programs in conjunction with industry leaders.

The RAC and industry stakeholders collaborate to create solutions through education, mentorship, job training and guidance in a non-confrontational, culturally sensitive, inclusive and supportive environment. Our industry partners value the importance of creating equal access to education without barriers to enable better representation within their industry of qualified and trained individuals, that will include those that represent marginalized groups; including individuals from lower socioeconomic brackets, Canadians that identify as Black, Indigenous or as a Person of Colour [BIPOC], Newcomers, Refugees, Women, racialized and any other underserved community that requires support.

Collectively through our partnerships we will eliminate the effects of “adverse impact,” and fulfill employment shortages with trained and qualified people through our self-funded, self-sustaining Educational Ecosystem and Knowledge Hub to better our wonderful country.

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