New Student Orientation

Being a new student at a new school can be intimidating, stressful, and exciting time. The Royal Alberta College New Student Orientation is intended to give new students the opportunity to explore the campus and understand the expectations before classes start. All new students are required to attend orientation.

IN class students will be advised on “New Student Orientation” Day on how to:

Apply for their Alberta Health Care Cards (out-of-province, and for those that require study permits)
Apply for their bus pass (local, out-of-province, and for those that require study permits)

ALL fully registered in-class students on orientation day will receive:
a.) School Sweatshirt*
b.) School Bag*
c.) Journal / Student Agenda*
d.) Water bottle*
e.) Tablet and instructions on how to download reading materials.
f.) School Email Address
g.) Take their photo for their Student ID
h.) Receive their course syllabus
i.) Fill out their EPL Card Application

Students will be shown ALL of the non-academic resources on The Royal Alberta College website, including, yet is not limited to: The landlord-tenant resources, Health Insurance, Housing, Cell (mobile) phones, Banking, Weather in Alberta, Food, Public Transportation, driving in Alberta, public services and safety and counseling support services within the community.

This orientation is only for registered students.

*Subject to availability