The RAC Be Your Own Boss Program

Department of Career Development and Job Training

About the RAC Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) Program

Entrepreneurship is a growing trend throughout the country. Starting your own business is an exciting and daunting experience. From finding capital sources to promoting your business, you face a myriad of tough decisions every day. To help you make the right choices, you want strategic advice from people who know small, medium and large businesses.
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We're Here to Help

That’s where the RAC can help. To assist those interested in starting a new business, RAC offers the BYOB Program in Alberta throughout the year.

Industry Led

RAC is an industry-led organization that supports the small business sector by providing potential entrepreneurial learners with assistance, information and training in the start-up and operation of their new businesses.   

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Got a Plan?

The intent of BYOB is to ensure that new business start-ups have: comprehensive business plans that are able to withstand challenging economic conditions and remain economically viable in the long term and be accepted by financial institutions and venture capital for funding, if required. 

Start Today

The Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) program offered by the RAC, Department of Career and Life Skills Development is a self-paced program  whereby learners pay a one-time fee of $27.00 CAD for the entire program and have access to all online courses, resources and a business mentor, these combined resources will provide information within the vital areas that are important for start-ups.

Affordable, High-quality, accessible education for all.

The BYOB program provides participants with access to a wealth of experienced mentors, advisors, resources and training in the following fields

Our Mentors

Your start-up mentor and/or department advisor will provide you with:

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The Process

The formal process starts when the first course has been completed, and does not end until the business is launched and running for 6 months.

1. You MUST Apply, in order to apply for the BYOB Program, applicants must attend a one-on-one information session (click here to book a meeting) this is a formal discussion that is completed virtually with a faculty member and/or navigator who is an expert in start-ups.

2. The assigned navigator will provide insight to the learner on the viability of their idea.

3. The navigator will send their recommendations to the Department based on a rubric, if the applicant is accepted, the applicant will enroll, and take online courses that will be directed by a mentor navigator.

4. The formal process starts when the first course has been completed, and does not end until the business is launched and running for 6 months. 


Learners receive The Royal Alberta College and IBM Certificate in Entrepreneurship and also other educational training certificates that may include

The RAC does NOT receive any funding for this program from any level of government. 

Why we offer this program: Our motto is: Help me, help you – Help others. By sharing knowledge we will enable people to start off on the right pathway, hopefully our learners within the BYOB will contribute to enabling a prosperous economy where networks are created and ideas, perspectives, and experiences are shared to help each other grow.