Food, Public Transit & Driving

Additional Information for International Students

Food: Within Canada we have two major grocery store chains, Safeway (also Sobeys) and The Real Canadian Superstore. Here are two links for these major retailers  Safeway Canada Flyer:   and Superstore prices (Use the postal Code T5E 5V3 to receive current prices of grocery). The larger grocery stores are located on public transit routes making it easier to commute to get groceries. The college will offer trips to Costco Sales Club, where students will be able to buy large quantity of items at highly discounted rates (including clothes); this is a membership based store and the costs for membership is between $79-$129 annually, Costco only accepts cash or a North American issued Mastercard, payments between the College and parents can be arranged individually for students.

Public transportation: Public Transit in Edmonton is reliable, simple to use, safe and readily available. This is the ideal method to commute in the winter season, whereas driving can be dangerous. We have located the College within an area that is accessible by public transit routes. To understand more about the costs to take the City of Edmonton Transit system please visit  and Edmonton transit 

Driving: Alberta is the Oil & Gas capital of Canada, but the prices of fuel do fluctuate greatly (from 0.88 to 1.43$ per litre) If you are planning to purchase a car while you are here you should be aware that you will need i.) Insurance ii.) Registration iii.) Drivers Licence and gas. These are two reliable links to understand the prices of gas: and  Insurance is paid monthly, registration and licensing is an annual fee.