Cell phones, Weather, Banking, Clothing

Additional Information for International Students regarding:

Cell (mobile) phones: It is recommended that you bring your cell phone with you (unlocked) Cell phones in Canada are sold at the exact same price as in India (iPhones, Google Pixel’s, Samsung) Data rates are capped therefor costly for packages on a month-to-month basis compared to India whereas you can get 40G for 500Rs.To learn more visit: Global news on cheapest rates

Weather: The seasons in Alberta are varied with sudden changes and the air is dry, causing most to use moisturizer creams on consistent basis.  Fall season is most comparable to Northern India Shimla region. To receive the most recent weather updates visit: The Weather Network for Edmonton., for a monthly overview this link:

Banking: It is important to understand that banking in Canada is very different than in India. There are many more regulations and rules for foreigners. Within Alberta, ICICI Bank has one office and it is located in the City of Calgary, the distance (280Km) from Edmonton is great, and the hours of this ICICI bank is varied by week. Furthermore the ICICI Bank in Canada, is not connected with ICICI Bank in India, whereas they do not share account information, you will have to open a separate account in Canada, then use money2india to receive money from India or send money from Canada to India. The administrators of The Royal Alberta College will assist you in creating a dialogue with the ICICI Bank in Canada, yet the college can not open accounts for students, nor can sign as a secondary for any financial documents.

Clothing: Buy proper clothes for your daily commute to the college, practicums and job interviews. It is best to bring most of your clothes with you. Buying in India will be less expensive, and you will likely have better quality. Tailormade (stitched) clothing is very costly in Canada (120- 375$ for one dress shirt and substantially higher for pants) Stitched clothing is looked upon as being distinguished. Even though you are students, your opportunity to place yourself within the employment sector is bettered by your overall presentation. Dressing appropriately for job interviews and in your practicum is required. Most international students use North American Website like Banana Republic  and American magazines then find a style that they like and give it to their tailor and have it made.  If you are bringing clothes from India, we recommend you buy clothes from stores such as Decathlon where hiking and day-to-day garments are readily available, and their selection is also suited for the Alberta climate.