Resources from Facebook for International Applicants

Resources from Facebook for International Applicants

The information on this page is the same as the information provided to you from our college Facebook messenger teams.

International applicants MUST read ALL information on this page

IF you have a question that is NOT answered in the information provided to you, then please engage us through the proper Facebook page.

After you have completed reading the information on this page, you should become aware on how to apply for an interview (on Page 9 of the “A – Questions & Answers (Q&A) Final.” -We will await for you to engage us, we will NOT engage you.

A- Questions & Answers (Q&A) final JAN 10 2020

B- General info sheet for international students

C- Multi-language Educational Assistant (MEA) INFORMATION SHEET

D- Business Administration and Applied Communication with a Minor (BAC) PROGRAM INFORMATION SHEET