Multi-language Medical Office Assistants

Multi-Language Medical Office Assistant & Sterilization lead (MOA&S)  
– Within this program, the course curriculum is delivered entirely in English, yet the focus is for those students that  have working knowledge of other languages other than English as their primary language, the preferable secondary languages include, yet are not limited to (not listed in particular order):

  • French,
  • Italian
  • Cree
  • German,
  • Arabic
  • Punjabi,
  • Hindi
  • Philippines
  • Chinese dialects
  • Cantonese
  • Vietnamese,
  • Ukrainian,
Effective Writing – letters, resumes, reports, inter-office, electronic (email) 15 3 Take your writing beyond the basics and discover techniques and processes useful for developing useful business documents.

You’ll discover what it takes to prepare formal business documents, develop reports and review your writing for grammatical errors and clarity.
As well, you’ll investigate how writing differs depending on the intended audience and desired outcome.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
• understand and use basic grammar rules
• recognize commonly confused words, redundant phrases, clichés and weasel words
• Understand the online resources and word processing software that are available to assist you
• structure and develop business reports
• recognize style sheets and accepted sources
• identify the functions of editing

Facilitation, Problem Solving and Leadership Skills 15 3 Understand the workings of effective communications and leadership. In an interactive setting where you engage active participation, observation and discussion, you’ll develop your leadership potential.
Discover what it means to engage in productive leadership behavior by:• understanding basic leadership and group dynamics
• investigating leadership theories
• developing skills for problem identification
• developing and communicating effective solutions.
Organizational BEHAVIOUR 15 6 Organizational Behaviour provides students with an opportunity to understand the practical aspects of what people think, feel, and do in a business environment.

Students will be exposed to individual, team, and organizational issues and theories.

Quality Assurance 10 3 Within this course, students will develop an understanding on how to assure that the medical environment they work in is safe for use by the professionals that work in the office and those that come for care.
Common Medical Terminology 60 6 Study the language of medical terminology. Learn to understand and interpret commonly used medical terms, symbols, and abbreviations. Develop your knowledge of rules, prefixes, suffixes, roots, combining forms, body systems, diagnostics, and basic medication classifications. Achieve fluency through practice sessions, quizzes, and exercises.
Capturing Measurements  – 30 6 Within this course, students will learn of the accepted methods for the formal process of conducting and documenting measurements for medical use.
Cross Culture Communications in the workplace – 60 3 Within this course, students will learn about different cultures, and how to engage and interact with different ethnic, religious, and social-economic backgrounds in a professional manner.
Ethics in the workplace – 15 3 Within this course, students will learn about the importance of the role of confidentiality in the medical industry,
Medical and Insurance Billing – 25 4 Within this course, students will learn about the learning of ICD and Billing and how to obtain and apply insurance information; including a general overview of WCB documentation requirements, Out-of-country assessments, Fee-for-Service <DL Exams>) and the process to obtain out-of-province information for patient treatment.
Medical Software Training –  use in office 45 6 Within this course, students will learn about the learn how to manage medical records, including inputting patient information, scheduling and managing appointments, and billing.

Various practice management and EMR software packages will be explored. Develop foundational computer skills and become proficient in using Windows, as well as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database applications to enhance your computer skills and employability.

job interview training 15 6 Within this course, students will learn how to prepare and interact within a job interview through several exercises and role-playing activities.
305 12.5 weeks @ 24.4hrs  per week in classroom
Practicumn 150hours 6 This 350-hour practicum will give you hands-on practice as a medical office assistant.
Total hours 455hrs