Preparing for your arrival

Before You Leave

Arrange accommodation  Within the  “Information RE: Housing for International Students” Tab under the “prospective students section” you will need to find accommodation, here are the links to sites that will be able to assist you, these are not a complete list, so spend time and search extensively for your accommodation, if several of you are attending the college together then live together.

  • Facebook Marketplace (accessible through your Facebook account) Use the terms “edmonton apartments” or “edmonton rentals” or “edmonton rental properties”
  • Kijiji
  • Boardwalk Property Rentals
  • Westcorp (Ideal for a group of students to rent together)

Check airline baggage restrictions

Transportation from Airport: Plan your transportation for your arrival and from the airport to your destination ahead of time:

Sky Shuttle: The Sky Shuttle pick-up point is located on the Arrivals Level, next to door 3 or 9. For more information on costs and schedules, visit their website at:

Uber: Does not operate from the Edmonton International Airport

Bus: The Edmonton Transit, has a direct bus the “747” and costs $5.00 (cash only) this bus also has free Wi-Fi, it is direct from the Airport to Downtown Edmonton, please refer to this link:

Taxi: The check-in counter and waiting area are located on the Arrivals Level of the airport. Taxis cost between $70 – $90 from the airport to downtown Edmonton, the rates are specified by “zones.”

Banking: Decide on banking arrangements and prepare a budget and arrange for extra money (cash and credit card) in case of an emergency and be certain to have evidence of adequate funds for immigration services.

Have an emergency contact: Arrange an emergency contact in Canada or your home country

Pack properly: Pack suitable clothing (in summer temperatures range from 20 to 25°C. In winter temperatures can drop below -30°C)

Cooking: You may miss eating some tradition home cooked foods, and it is very costly to eat out frequentyl, so it is best to learn how to cook several recipe!

What to Bring with You

  • A valid passport (and Temporary Resident Visa or eTA if required)
  • Your Offer of Admission/Letter of Acceptance
  • The letter that you received from the visa office when your Study Permit was approved (this letter contains your Study Permit
  • reference number and the immigration officer needs this letter)
  • Original transcripts (educational documents)
  • Other official identification (driver’s license, etc.)
  • Any medical records and medical prescriptions (insert link)
  • Canadian currency for the first few days ($200-300 smaller bills 10’s 20s’)
  • References from your previous employers or teachers if you are planning to seek employment in Canada

Immigration Information and Requirements when you arrive!

Study Permits

Almost all international students planning to study at The Royal Alberta College must apply for a Study Permit. To find out if you require a Study Permit, please check the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website:

Applying for a Study Permit (2018 info)

It can take months to process your Study Permit application—apply early! Contact the Canadian embassy, consulate or immigration office nearest you and ask for Study Permit application procedures and processing times.

For all information regarding Study Permits, visas, and work permits, see the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website:

When You Arrive –Immigration Officials (Customs)

Be sure to have all of your documents prior to leaving home. Do not pack the original copies in your checked luggage; carry these items with you at all times. The documents you may be asked to show when you enter Canada include:

      • A valid passport or travel document
      • The letter that you received from the visa office when your Study Permit was approved
      • A Temporary Resident Visa or eTA (if required)
      • Your Offer of Admission/ Letter of Acceptance from Alberta College
      • Proof of adequate funds
    • Provide all required entry documents to Customs and Immigration upon arrival in Canada
    • Obtain your Study Permit from an immigration officer at the airport
    • Contact your family and emergency contacts to let them know you arrived safely
  • IMPORTANT: Keep all documents in a re-sealable folder in your carry-on or hand luggage for easy access while travelling. It is wise to scan these  documents (passport, visas, study permit, letters) and save an electronic copy, email them to yourself, AND leave another set of documents with your family in case you lose the originals.

    NOW you will need to:

    • Meet your advisor and formally enrol in your classes
    • Attend the New International Student Welcome and Orientation seminar
    • Register for Alberta Health Care (if you plan to stay in Canada 12 months or longer – if you plan to stay less than 12 months, purchase health insurance before coming to Canada)
    • Open a bank account upon your arrival in Edmonton. The Office of the Licensee can help you connect with a banking representative whom will understand your banking needs as an international student, also read about the banking differences <insert link>


      • TD Canada Trust
      • Servus Credit Union
      • RBC Royal Bank
      • Scotiabank
      • CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)

* In Alberta, the 5% national Goods and Services Tax (GST) is added to the displayed cost of most In other provinces of Canada, a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) may be added.