Work Integrated Learning Policy 

Alberta College Work Integrated Learning Policy 

1.0       POLICY

 OF:                       Alberta College

(hereinafter shall be referred to as “the college” and/or as “college” and/or Alberta College)

Whereas Alberta College recognizes and supports different forms of work integrated learning as an integral component of some Programs of Study. Work integrated learning activities are governed by the policies and regulations of the college.

During work integrated learning placements, all students are governed by the policies and regulations of the college and are required to meet applicable policy and professional requirements of the host organization or employer.


 2.1  Work Integrated Learning is a planned, approved and evaluated work- based experiential activity that is part of an approved Program of Work Integrated Learning implies engagement with a work place environment which can provide relevant and authentic settings for integrating theoretical learning and practice.

2.2  Work Integrated Learning requires a three-way partnership between the student, the host organization or employer, and the college.

2.3  This policy is intended to protect the interests of students, the college and the host organization or

2.4  It is a Best Practice for programs to establish formal Student Placements Agreements with host organizations and

2.5  It is Best Practice for programs to include in course outlines information relevant to liability, Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) requirements, confidentiality, and specific work requirements or contractual


 3.1 For purposes of this policy the following definitions apply:

3.1.1  Work Integrated Learning (WIL) refers to experiential learning activities that integrate theoretical learning with its application in the workplace in many forms to include: practicum, field placements, clinical placements, internships, directed field of study

3.1.2  Directed Field Study (DFS) is a component of applied programs that integrate academic learning with practical