Records Destruction Policy

Records Destruction Policy

OF: The Royal Alberta College (hereinafter shall be referred to as “the college” and/or as “college” and/or The “Royal Alberta College”)


This procedure applies to the destruction of records that are retained by or on behalf of the College (“College”).


This procedure applies to members of the College community.


3.1 “destruction” means the disposal or deletion of records that are of no further value to the College or that have reached their retention periods by any means that completely obliterates the records beyond the possibility of reconstruction;

3.2 “destruction certificate” is a document received from a record destruction service provider confirming and evidencing that the secure destruction of records has been carried out;

3.3 “disposition date” means the date, according to the records retention and disposition schedule, that a record is due to be destroyed;

3.4 “legal hold” is an instruction to cease the destruction of all relevant records, regardless of form, in order to avoid the spoliation of evidence when the duty to preserve arises or is triggered by the knowledge of anticipated, threatened, or pending legal action or regulatory investigation or proceeding;

3.5 “members of the College community” means those persons involved in conducting College affairs or operations or using College property, including all employees, agents, contractors and volunteers;

3.6 “office of record” means a College department or business unit in which a record resides;

3.7 “privacy department” means the Privacy and Information Management Department;

3.8 “record” means a record of information in any form and includes notes, images, audio-visual recordings, x-rays, books, documents, maps, drawings, photographs, letters, vouchers and papers and any other information that is written, photographed, recorded or stored in any manner, but does not include software or any mechanism that produces records;

3.9 “record destruction service-provider” means a third party entity retained by the College to provide secure record destruction services;

3.10 “records retention and disposition schedule” means a written description of the records that are retained by the College, their life cycle (retention periods) and their final disposition;

3.11 “transitory record” means a record of information that has only immediate or short-term usefulness or that has no value to the College.


4.1 Records that have reached their disposition dates in the College’s records retention and disposition schedule will be destroyed in accordance with this procedure.

4.2 At least four weeks before a record reaches its disposition date, as stipulated in the College’s records retention and disposition schedule, the records coordinator within each office of record will complete and send to the privacy department a records destruction authorization form which will contain a list of all records that are due for destruction.

4.3 Upon receipt of a completed records destruction authorization form, the privacy department will review the form and, if appropriate, will authorize secure destruction of the listed records.

4.4 When records due for destruction are located in an offsite records storage facility, the privacy department will work with the storage facility to ensure the secure destruction of the records.

4.5  All destruction certificates will be permanently retained by the privacy department.

4.6 All records which are subject to a legal hold will not be destroyed, regardless of whether they have reached their disposition date, until the Alberta Licensee or its designate releases the legal hold.