OF: The Royal Alberta College
(hereinafter shall be referred to as “the college” and/or as “college” and/or “Royal Alberta College” and/or as “RAC”)

Whereas this policy explains how students render fees and payments towards tuition, application fees and any associated services for their enrollment. 


2.1 The college requires all prospective students to complete the application requirements in order to become a registered student at the college.


3.1 The Office of The Chief Registrar, The Board of Governors and the Alberta licensee shall be the authority that is responsible for the administration of this policy and shall be responsible for publishing information for students that are specified for international students and or international applicants.


A Glossary of Terms defines many terms used by the College in the administration of admissions.

Admission Criteria– Requirements for the selection of students for admission to an academic institution and programs.

Academic Admission Criteria– These criteria consist of specified high school and/or post-secondary courses or credentials required for admission.

Conditional AcceptanceA condition or set of conditions that state specific provisions that an applicant is required to complete within a stipulated timeline within the application, processing and admission process, prior to signing a student contract. 

Clear and Final Acceptance– Applicants are automatically given Clear and Final acceptance upon successfully meeting all admission criteria whereas a Letter of Offer is issued by the Office of the Chief Registrar.

Student Contract – A formal agreement created by The Government of Alberta, between The Royal Alberta College that specifies an understanding between both parties.

International Applicant, International Student- Not a domestic applicant and one who requires a Study Permit or other visa to enter, or remain in, Canada.


5.1 Students must undertake a pre-application and pre-admission process, whereas fees will be required to be paid to the college. The amounts rendered for these aforementioned processes and applications are NOT applied towards the cost(s) of tuition, this process is within the conditional acceptance phase to become a registered student. After this process;

5.2 If the applicant is accepted, the applicant must sign “The Alberta Student Enrollment Contract” and pay the set registration fee of $500, this amount is applied towards tuition.

5.3 After the application, processing and registration fees are paid, as outlined in 5.1, 5.2 a formal letter of acceptance is issued for the student visa process.

5.4 Upon entry into the college, students will be notified formally and required to pay the remaining portion of tuition within THREE (3) school days.


International Students as all students within the college that enroll in Government of Alberta licensed programs shall be protected by the consumer financial protection requirements as directed by the Government of Alberta. The Royal Alberta College has elected to utilize a phased tuition collection process whereas the following applies:

6.1 The Royal Alberta College will only accept and collect tuition fees from international students for the program in which the student is accepted and enrolled in according to the following terms as per the following schedule:

Schedule A

i.) Accepted students will receive an official notice from The Office of the Registrar, whereas the student will be required to sign the STUDENT CONTRACT whereas the student will render a registration fee of $500 within THREE (3) days (no extensions) from the date of the letter. The registration fee of $500 is applied to the total tuition as a credit. The registration fee is non-refundable, unless subject to the notwithstanding clause as stated within the Refund Policy

ii.) The applicant has signed the formal “student contract” this contract is to ensure a seat in the program at The Royal Alberta College, the student will be notified in writing by the Office of The Registrar of a “Tuition Payment Demand” within 3 days of starting classes. This amount will be paid directly to the college by the means of a bank transfer in an amount of no greater than $8,500. Whereby the specified amount is applied toward the payment of the tuition. This amount will be collected  by direct payment to the college by bank transfer within a specified time period. This payment is combined with the registration fee and deducted from the total amount of tuition.