Assessment and Payment of Tuition & Fees Policy

Assessment and payment of Tuition & Fee’s Policy


OF: The Royal Alberta College (hereinafter shall be referred to as “the college” and/or as “college” and/or “The Royal Alberta College”)The college will publish, assess, and collect approved tuition and student fees.


2.1 As a privately funded post-secondary institution, the college collects tuition and student fees to offset the costs of education.

2.2 In accordance with the Private-Vocational Training Act (Alberta), the Board of a private post-secondary institution shall set the tuition fees to be paid by each student.

2.3 The college affirms that it will be compliant with any subsequent regulations that are enacted and associated best practice recommendations.


3.1 This policy governs the assessment of tuition and student fees, payment, financial holds/restrictions, and withdrawal for non-payment and re- instatement, if applicable. This policy does not govern special and material fees (see Special and Materials Fees Policy if enacted).

3.2 Tuition fees are fees for instruction set in accordance with the Regulation.

3.3 Student fees include, but are not limited to application fees, program deposits, service fees, and miscellaneous fees. Although the Students’ Association fees are also considered student fees for the purpose of assessment and collection, the Students’ Association is responsible for setting those fees, and they are not subject to the college’s approval.

3.4 The college is committed to consistent, fair and transparent decision- making. However, the college reserves administrative discretion to consider circumstances when applying this policy.


Roles and Responsibilities

4.1 The Alberta licensee shall be the authority that is responsible for the administration of this policy.

4.2 The Office of the Registrar and/or the Alberta Licensee with consultation from industry stakeholders shall propose tuition and student fees and adjustments

4.3 The Tuition and Fee Committee is responsible for annually recommending tuition and student fees for final approval as below:

4.3.1 Tuition fees will be established in accordance with the Regulation and recommended to the Board of Governors for final approval.

4.3.2 Student fees, with the exception of Students’ Association Fees, will be recommended to the President’s Group for final approval.

4.4 The Office of the College’s Registrar is responsible for: (1) assessing, applying, depositing and processing tuition fees and Students’ Association fees; (2) publishing tuition and Students’ Association fee information for prospective students; and (3) documenting procedures.

Application Fee

4.6 As per the Admissions Policy, applicants must submit a fee. This fee is over and above tuition and is not applied towards tuition.

Registration Fee

4.6.1  As per the Admissions Policy, applicants must submit a fee. This fee is a set-amount for the administration of the registration of a student. This fee is applied towards tuition

Tuition Fees

4.8 Prior to registration in courses, a student will be informed of the cost of tuition.

Service Fees

4.9 Service fees are fees for specified products or services and are listed as mandatory or optional. Mandatory fees are assessed for services that require the payment of the fee for a process. Optional fees are assessed for additional services that a student chooses to receive. Both fee types may be subject to GST.

Students’ Association Fees

4.10 The Students’ Association has the authority to set and levy fees, which are assessed and collected by the college in accordance with the college policy.

Miscellaneous Fees

4.11 Assessment of miscellaneous fees to a student account may include but are not limited to items such as outings, technology access, library fines, equipment breakage, etc. These fees are established and approved by the Office of the Registrar and may be assessed and collected by other on behalf of the College.

Payment of Fees

4.12 Tuition and student fees are due and payable by the deadline dates published by the Office of the College Registrar. Where tuition and/or student fees are paid by a sponsoring agency or funding is received by the student through a federal, provincial or territorial student loan program, approved arrangements for payment must be made by the published deadline date. Outstanding charges assessed by Financial Services are due immediately.

4.13 Outstanding tuition and student fees must be paid in full by a student or a payment plan must be approved by Student Services or Financial Services (as per published procedures) prior to further registration in courses or the acceptance of an application.

4.14 Payment plans are not automatic but will be considered as per 4.13. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for publishing information about payment plans.

4.15 Financial Services, in consultation with the Office of the Registrar, is responsible for determining overall student payment plan options.

4.16 A student’s failure to comply with the terms outlined in the payment plan may cancel the existing agreement and put the student account into arrears.

4.17 A service charge will be levied on outstanding accounts.

4.18 A student with any outstanding tuition and/or student fees owing to the college and/or the Students’ Association will incur penalties such as, but not limited to, the disallowance of any further registration, program acceptance, or service access.

Withdrawal for Non-Payment of Fees and Reinstatement

4.19 A student who does not pay tuition and/or student fees or make formal arrangements for a payment plan may be withdrawn from his/her program and all courses. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for publishing information about withdrawal for non-payment of fees and for official notification whether or not reinstatement options are available.

4.20 The deadline for reinstatement into the program and courses, if available, is no later than 10 working days from date of withdrawal.

4.2.1 The student will be charged a non-refundable reinstatement charge.

4.2.2  If the student has rendered fees towards programs that require security clearance and the student is not able to pass the needed clearance then no-repayment shall be presented by the college.


4.22 Decisions of the College with respect to the assessment and payment of tuition and student fees are not subject to appeal under the Student Appeals Policy.